The Don. A must-have for putting on Compression Garments

The Don. A must-have for putting on Compression Garments

  • Posted by Andrea
  • On September 1, 2016

Do you wear Compression Garments?

If you wear compression stockings or sleeves you will be all too familiar with struggling to put them on. It’s hard work! Also the stockings (and sleeves) are expensive so you really need to be careful to not damage them while trying to put them on and off.

Doff n’ Donner helps putting on compression stockings and sleeves.

Let me introduce Don. Well actually it’s called Doff n’ Donner. It is a device that allows you to put on ( don) or take off ( doff) your compression garments without as much effort. Usually trying to put on (or take off) compression garments is a hassle as they are quite snug. I know, because I have broken into a sweat myself when trying to put compression garments on my clients without the aid of the Doff n’ Donner.

doff-n-donner for compression stockingsWith a Doff n’ Donner you don’t have to struggle

Suitable for compression sleeves, calf or thigh stockings with open or closed toe, soft top or grip top, although not suitable for pantyhose.  The Doff n’ Donner is small enough to fit into a handbag, excellent for personal use by the compression garment wearer or by their carer.

Using a Doff n’ Donner cares for your compression stockings

Using the Doff n’ Donner increases the life of your compression garments as they are not stretched and pulled as they will be, if fitted in the typical way.

Next time you come in for a fit and measure of your compression garments, why not ask me for a demonstration of the Doff n’Donner.

Were can I get a Doff ‘n Donner?

I can provide you with a Doff ‘n Donner and also show you how to use it so your stockings last. You’ll love how easily you can don and doff your compression stockings with the Doff ‘n Donner 😉

Why wear compression stockings ?

Compression stockings are usually worn by people with swelling in their limbs. This can be a symptom of a malfunctioning lymphatic system which is often linked to cancer treatments, and/or other situations where lymph nodes have been surgically removed.

There are various medical compression grades and as a guide, light compression is useful for tired aching legs, for long periods of standing and sitting and to provide relief from swelling and varicose veins.  Firmer compression is required to prevent DVT , edema , ulcers and other medical conditions.  If you require firmer compression always consult your physician to treat any underlying medical conditions.

Compression stockings help manage the buildup of lymphatic fluid, but occasionally a lymphatic drainage massage will help release this fluid providing respite from the condition, at least for a while. In moderate to serious cases of lymphatic swelling, a regular lymphatic massage is the most natural and non-invasive approach to reducing the painful swelling and managing your lymphodema.

Where do I get Compression Stockings?

I can supply your compression stockings and help you learn how to put them on. If you have a prescription from your doctor you may be able to claim a rebate from your health fund.

Contact me and I’ll arrange to introduce you to some of the lovely range of new compression stockings that don’t look like a clinic appliance. These are nice enough to wear out on a special night or just for fun!

Doff N Donner PIC instructions