Lymphoedema Therapy

Lymphoedema therapy

What is Lymphoedema?

Lymphoedema is an accumulation of excessive protein rich fluids in the tissue spaces. This condition can occur anywhere in the body, but mostly affects the limbs. It can be very inconvenient and often painful.

What causes Lymphoedema?

Typically people either inherit the condition or become susceptible to lymphoedema through damage to the lymphatic vessels or lymph nodes. This damage most commonly occurs following cancer treatments, from techniques such as lymph node dissection, surgery and radiation therapy. Sometimes the condition appears shortly after damage to the lymphatic system or it may appear months or years later.

How is Lymphoedema treated?

Lymphoedema treatment essentially involves encouraging flow of the lymphatic fluids through the body. This can take the form of

  • manual compression, lymphatic massage and
  • compression garments or bandaging.

Exercise may decrease oedema in some patients. Refer: Wikepedia

Low level laser treatment is another emerging lymphoedema therapy.