Tennis elbow/golfers elbow

  • Posted by Andrea
  • On April 25, 2012

Tennis players are not the only ones who can get tennis elbow ( also known as lateral epicondylitis). This painful condition is often experienced by manual workers such as builders, electricians, waiters, even golfers.

Overexertion as well as repetitive motion for many years seem to be the major cause of tennis elbow. It is interesting to note that although this can be experienced in both arms, the majority of patients suffer from tennis elbow in their right arm.

Tennis elbow is typically characterised by pain on the outside of the elbow and is often also associated with weakness in the wrist.

Bowen therapy will address not only the elbow and wrist but also the forearm, shoulder, neck and upper body, as these can all be affected due to change in posture and tightening of surrounding muscles.