Medical Massage

  • Posted by Andrea
  • On August 23, 2016

Medical Massage

A medical massage is much more gentle and requires a lot more considerations than a remedial massage.  Oncology massage is a type of medical massage.

In order to provide a safe massage for medically frail people, a massage therapist is required to have extensive additional training, have a sound understanding of lymphatic drainage principles, and is able to recognize indications and contra-indications for massage of different diseases/conditions.

People with any organ system impairment  (for example liver disease/injury, gastrointestinal tract malfunction to name just two), people having surgery, chemotherapy or radiotherapy, people with medical devices (such as ports , Iv catheters, drains etc) may all benefit from a medical massage.

A medical massage may provide relief of anxiety, pain, stress and fatigue.  Occasionally people may experience headaches or sleepiness up to 24 hours after a massage (although this is very rare), and unless you have been put on fluid restrictions, it is recommended that you drink at least one glass of water after your massage.