Bowen therapy before and after physical activity

  • Posted by Andrea
  • On March 10, 2012

Sporting injuries often happen because the body is not adequately prepared for the stress during physical activity. Bad postural habits and stress are often the cause.

It is important to ensure your body is in perfect balance during any physical activity, which will allow for maximum stability and performance, thus preventing injuries.

Seeing your Bowen therapist before a match or sporting activity is ideal as this will aid oxygen absorption, increase energy levels by establishing a good sleeping pattern and improve breathing patterns, all resulting in better performance.

If you are unlucky enough to read this after sustaining an injury, it is important to remember to see your Bowen therapist as soon as possible ( even on the field treatments can be performed to reduce swelling) as this will speed the recovery process.

As Bowen therapy does not consist of any deep tissue treatments, it can be performed over swollen and bruised areas.