Remedial Therapies SA massage treatment room BlackwoodRemedial Massage in Blackwood, Adelaide Hills

My remedial massage clinic is based near to Blackwood SA, so many of my regular clients are from Blackwood, Bellevue Heights, Eden Hills and the Adelaide Hills area.

We are located on Vaucluse Crescent which leads to the Bellevue Heights Primary school. You won’t hear the primary school Mums at dropping-off and pickup times because there’s no street noise in my comfortable, purpose designed massage studio. I play soothing background music for you, and occasionally you might be able to hear the local birds singing to the serenity.

Spacious Massage Clinic near Blackwood

The massage clinic is deceptively spacious, and visitors are generally surprised at the generous space especially with the amount of air and openness the raised ceilings give. It is certainly a much more generous and comfortable space than any of the many other massage premises I’ve been to.

Remedial Massage Bed lowers for your convenience

The massage bed quietly lowers itself to a convenient height for you to gracefully get onto it, even if you are injured or have a sore back. The massage table then gently raises you to the optimal height for the best possible massage. We also have a massage chair if your injuries prevent you are unable to comfortably lay down.

Massage Indulgences

Massages are not just for treatment of injuries, and some of our clients enjoy the indulgence of a relaxation massage.

There are generous sized and impeccably clean, quality towels for your modesty and comfort. These are replaced for each massage guest.
The room is air conditioned, and I ensure the room temperature suits your treatment prior to your appointment.

A nebulizer adds a subtle tone of natural oil fragrance to complement and deepen the atmosphere of calmness and peace.

Clinical Massages

Andrea provides medical massages in the Flinders Centre for Innovation in Cancer; the Mary Potter Hospice and the Calvary Hospital North Adelaide
Medical massages are ‘safe massages’ for people with medical conditions such as:

Medical massages can also be provided in our Bellevue Heights clinic.

Does a massage sound tempting ?

Call Andrea to make a booking at our Blackwood Massage Clinic.