Remedial Massage and Bowen Therapy in Adelaide by Andrea


Andrea-at-the-desk-cutout Hi, I’m Andrea.
I want to help you manage your pain and discomfort and live your life better. I’m here to support you and want to work with you in your journey to live a life with less pain and more movement.

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Are you suffering?

Do you suffer with aches and pains that just won’t go away? Does a nagging strain stop you from sleeping or relaxing? Have you exhausted all avenues and still not getting helped?

I’ve already helped many people just like you with Massage and Bowen Therapy. Click here to read some of the conditions that can be treated with Massage and Bowen Therapy.

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Contact Us

For appointments or enquiries please:

Phone: 0413 620 320 

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"Remedial Massage & Bowen Therapy in Adelaide by Andrea"

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